Le Bal: Paris

by preoccupiedpress

You can’t beat Parisian charm, good coffee and plates with bacon on the side

 le bal scene

I very much apologise (quite insincerely) for galavanting around Europe to see and experience all things good in a land of food. I must start with Paris and I must start with Breakfast, however I see these two topics becoming a trend over the next few articles.

You have been warned.

Paris is one of those eternal cities that is going to be charming regardless of the sun. Le Bal, a cosy cafe on the edge of an art gallery, is certainly not exempt from the ‘Parisian charm,’ especially on a cold morning. If you can’t handle another croissant breakfast (…impossible…?) or are craving a little outing, Le Bal is an excellent spot to join the locals for a bite and a seriously good cappuccino. Although reputation shadows France in a blanket of coffee doubt, I promise this is a good drop, and that Paris is now host to many options for those missing a silky coffee.

le bal break

The eggs and bacon come with a bread basket containing a scone and the optional sausage (saucisse) is worth the extra euros. Le Bal is a bit of a brunch spot, seeing as ‘breakfast’ is still an emerging concept in Paris, however as pictured, they’re catching on. With white gridded shelves and low hanging lights, the cafe has a modern, artistic design that contrasts with the greenery outside.

Note that this place opens at 11am, not that this was a problem for us lazy tourists, but the early risers may have to suffer (you poor, poor things) a croissant to tide you over before brunch. Le Bal is a one minute walk from the metro station ‘Place de Clichy’ and is definitely worth a try for a cosy breakfast in Paris.