Flamingos and Dingos

by preoccupiedpress

A Fleetwood Mac vinyl spins in the corner and a glass cabinet displays fresh strawberry tarts. Is the coffee up to scratch through the window on Robertson Lane?


Any place that has ‘fine coffee haunt’ registered as part of their business name is worth a try. Either they are indeed a place of fine coffee and deserve to be haunted, or they are asking for some raised eyebrows.

Flamingos and Dingos is a hole in the wall on the cafe- ridden Robertson Lane, Newport. If you remember The Sugarmill; a surf shop in Narrabeen with a coffee window, then Flamingos and Dingos is what eventuated after The Sugarmill called it quits. With hanging copper lamps, a vinyl record player and fresh pastries sought from my favourite bakery in Avalon, F&D is off to a terribly good start.

Their clipboard menu is understandably limited (being a coffee haunt after all), but they have perfected their selection. Avocado on sourdough is taken to a whole new level and their toasted muesli is very nice too. For what you get, the pricing is incredibly reasonable and I must admit it’s my weekend go- to for a healthy breakfast and a rich cuppa.

I must say, the coffee is spot on. It’s different and a strong drop, perfect for serious coffee drinkers looking for a variation in the taste of their caffeine. They also have a text message and ‘phone ahead’ system that is amazing if you’re on the run. If you manage to score the desired indoor seat; a romantic bench with large folding windows, it’s a cosy meeting spot with a difference.

The young staff are lovely and the atmosphere isn’t trying too hard to be laid back and funky. If I had any hats to speak of I would take them off to these guys, who have managed to turn a shoebox into an excellent coffee site and a showcase of clever interior design.