More Bacon, Honey?

by preoccupiedpress

The little cafe Revolver serves up a decadent big brekkie

Revolver Big Breakfast
291 Annandale Street, Annandale

Type “Sydney’s best breakfast spots” into Google and you have a whole lot to choose from.

We were staying on York Street and in need of a good coffee, discovering that Surrey Hills was most likely our best bet. But then, a photo of the big breakfast at Revolver caught our eye. Catching a cab to Annandale, we found that Revolver is settled on the corner of a highly residential area. The exterior is colonial and the interior is a warm, vintage themed room with gorgeous crockery and nik- naks.

Our tea came with a miniature hourglass to time the brew and the breakfast was bundled into a cast iron pan. At 16.50, the breakfast is well worth the portion and the travel, the coffee is lovely too.

Tea at Revolver

Notably, the bacon is cured with honey, giving the whole dish a hint of sweet and smokey that harmonize something special. The toast came with homemade relish that is tart, herby and not what you expect.

The owner (presumably) went above and beyond to ensure we had a table and even ordered us a cab for the trip home.

I highly recommend Revolver, at a 9.5/10.

(0.5 is due to the sausage being mediocre and the location, but nothing to really sneer at)