Afternoon Drinky Poos in Manly: Part I

by preoccupiedpress

Insitu Pimms

Excuse my tipsy-ness but we have just ‘forced’ jug fulls of pimms and sangria down our throats (for the sake of research people!)

Afternoon drinks are the best. You can enjoy the sun, you’re not exhausted and the bars aren’t yet flooded with teenagers and out-of-towners.

There are so many options for lazy weekend drinks in Sydney, here are a few suggestions from over the bridge in Manly.


Cute little bar for the vintage hipster. Insitu has a gorgeous courtyard seating area, tapas, cocktails and jugs. This bar is great to slip into after wandering the markets on a Saturday. It’s on a laneway off the corso, and there’s a cafe next door that is decent for fresh juices and a larger food menu.


We ordered stuffed zucchini flowers which were flavoursome and definitely the best tapas we tried, we also got the warm ciabatta with balsamic and dukkha (an indian powder of spices that was a bit odd and unnecessary). The lamb skewers with minted yoghurt were flavourless and dry. Basically, you go to Insitu for the refreshments.

zucchini flowers

On that note, my favourite cocktail is the ‘Apple Crumble Martini’ where the martini glass is rimmed in cinnamon sugar and topped in a thin layer of cold cream. It is however, surprisingly tart and not overwhelmingly creamy.

Their ‘Soviet Kiss’ is also lovely; a champagne cocktail with raspberry puree. My only critique of this drop is that it’s small and light on alcohol. I’m not an alcoholic, but for roughly $20 it’s one of those impulse buys based on a love of fresh raspberries. If it’s purely the taste you’re after, I recommend this one.


As for jugs, we had the Pimms and a white sangria and both were great. The Pimms was a little sweeter and came adorned with a fruit salad. Mint, strawberries, orange, lemon and lime floated in the iced summery goodness.

The white sangria had passionfruit, lemon and strawberries pressed against the glass. Another great summer pick, and lovely for afternoon drinks in Manly.

New Brighton Hotel

The second and third levels of this place smell of a public toilet. It had to be said. That aside, the newly renovated ‘shark bar’ has a small rooftop bar that is relaxing and a top spot for small groups in the afternoon. We managed to slip into one of the two cane domes that gave us some privacy and still let the sun through. With scattered pillows on the round leather cushion, the domes could fit three to four people, or there are sun chairs and tables.

courtesy of NBHIf your sweet tooth is hankering for a fix, the New Brighton Hotel serve Rekorderlig Ciders, which are sweet but worth a try! (Especially the pear and apple ones). The rooftop bar have Monteith’s on tap and do spirits, but cocktails are not served on the roof. The bar also has a little view of the water so it’s nice to be reminded that you’re by the sea while you bask in the sun above the corso.

Swap your late night out for afternoon drinks in the sun this week and try something a little different.

Thank god for summer!