How Much is that Pasta in the Window?

by preoccupiedpress

With a line and a waiting list 30 people deep, is Jamie’s worth the wait?


Jamie’s Italian Kitchen

107 Pitt Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 8240 9000

“It’ll be about a two and a half hour wait guys.” A young girl balanced a wooden plank of prosciutto, olives and bread, shuffling from person to person. The line of people outside Jamie’s Italian Kitchen was unbelievable at 5.30 in the afternoon and although it moved seemingly quick, the wait for a table grew longer.

It’s the one with the boxes of handmade pasta in the window, where the shopfront is almost missable, but extends vertically to seat 200 people. It’s easier to find if you scan Pitt street for a queue enjoying olives on the house.  I’m glad we waited. As it turns out, the caprioska’s were decent and you can order most entrees to the bar while you wait. Plus, some people must have given up so we only waited 45 mins.

Here’s the verdict:

BREAD (free)- A little gift from Mr. Oliver himself, a basket of herbed bread with European style olive oil and balsamic. If it were up to me, all restaurants would offer this for free. It’s just polite. Cudos.

ITALIAN NACHOS ($7.00)- A small portion of fried ravioli parcels filled with cheese.  The dip is the important bit: a little heat but a fairly basic, flavorsome, tomato base.

CRISPY SQUID ($12.00)- Beautiful and crispy; tossed with chilli. Also a small portion, but at the price of the entrees it’s worth trying more than one. Maybe I’m being selfish and just wanted the squid to myself (likely).

BUCATINI CARBONARA ($14.00/$23.00) – I got the tagliatelle pasta and it was sensational. Very creamy and on the salty side, which is to be expected. The pancetta makes this dish incredible, but being on the heavy side, I’d order an entree size next time.

TAGLIATELLE BOLOGNESE ($12.50/$19.00)- The winner of the night. Made traditionally with beef & pork, the flavours are unbelievable. What makes this dish so special is the crunchy, herbed breadcrumbs that hide within the pile of saucy pasta. They change- up the texture and keep the meal interesting.  Image

The most noteworthy of notes regarding Jamie’s Italian has to be the well-trained, freindly staff. Despite being a full house (with a line 2.5 hours long outside) they were awesome. I’m not a suck up I swear.

Basically it’s worth the wait. The prices are amazing for the quality, so I suggest tasting as many dishes as you can muster.


Jamie gets a 9/10